Sanghiang – An Abandoned Island

Sanghiang Island can be reached about one hour from Anyer, Banten, by small boat. It is and island that have so many beautiful spot and places. Once, a private company will build Β a villa and resort in this island. However, due to the reason unknown, the project has Β been stopped. And now the building of the resort are abandoned.

I went to this island on May 2012 with another 14 friends of mine. we start the voyage from Anyer in the beautiful Saturday morning. We woke up before the dawn, and after prepared our stuff we start to walk to the dock where the boat is waiting for us. And the journey begin…

Sunrise at the dock

After one hour, we finally arrived at the Sanghiang Island. First, we will explore the abandoned resort and view tower. The view tower is located not far from the villa, but to reach the tower we should walk and climb a stair for about 1 km. From this view tower, we can see all over the island and its beauty.

gedung jepang
Abandoned Building
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menara pandang
View Tower from afar
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After midday, we get down from the view tower and back to the boat. It’s snorkle time… πŸ˜€

View from the view tower

While go to the snorkling spot, we having lunch at the boat. No matter what the lunch menu, everything tasted delicious because we ate lunch at the most beautiful pantry in the world. πŸ˜€

Lunch.. Lunch..
Lunch.. Lunch..

Beside the beauty of the island itself, the underwater view around this island is stunning. There is so many snorkle spot that available in this island such as Tanjung Bajo, Muara Kedongdong and many more. The coral, fish and the view is stunning. Even we can found Clown Fish (nemo) easily. For the detail underwater photos, please click here.

Now time to take some rest after tracking and snorkling all day. We all stayed at the house in the local village. This village is located in the other side of the island. To reach this village we should through a huge swamp that filled with mangrove.

On the way to the village

This village is very traitional. There is no electricity in this village. Thus, all the villagers bought a diesel to provide electric to their house. Also, there is no toilet in the house where we stayed. So, for doing our nature call we should go to the nearest mosque, the only building that have a toilet πŸ˜€

The village
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In the next day, we tracked around the island to the Lawar Cave. This cave is located about 4km from the village. The Lawar cave is filled with the water because the another end of this cave is on the sea. Also, this cave is the hive of thousands of bat, that’s why this cave called Lawar (lawar means “bat” in local language).

Goa Lawar
Goa Lawar
Me.. On the way to Pasir Panjang
Me.. On the way to Pasir Panjang

From Lawar cave, we continue to the Pasir Panjang beach. This beach is not far from the Lawar Cave. The beach is so beatiful with the white and soft sands, blue water, and a huge wave. All of this beauty framed by the hill and big trees.

Pasir Panjang

The beauty of this beach also make some couples to take prewedding photo shot. And makes me jealous till death -____-



From Pasir Panjang, we should get back to the village, and packed our stuff to get back to Anyer. The holiday is over but the journey is still running.

Special thanks to mas Adi, and all team. πŸ˜€

All Team
All Team

Keep on your steps to the endless road. – JollieFemme ^^